My main series are historical mysteries and thrillers set  in World War II. Three people–Benjamin Wade, private investigator, Gordon Gardner, ace newspaper reporter, and Lillian Saxton, U.S. Army sergeant–become intertwined in the events of the war in far off Europe and back at the home front in Houston.


Benjamin Wade is a laid-back private investigator operating in Houston. He became a private detective after he was fired from the Houston Police Department for an incident he never discusses. His jobs are so mundane that he doesn’t even carry a gun. Until Lillian Saxton walked through his door. When she arrived, so did World War II.


 Gordon Gardner, Ace Reporter! There’s not a story he can’t crack. He’s got his finger on the pulse of his town. His dogged tenacity means no politician is safe. Even the U. S. Army keeps tabs on him to ensure he safely harbors national secrets. And he looks smashing in a tux. As Wade’s best friend, he often offers his opinionated insights into certain cases…whether he asked about them or not. As a reporter, he often gets in hot water with his editor, his fellow newshounds, and everyone else who stands between him and the truth.


Lillian Saxton, sergeant in the U. S. Army, conducts all her missions with panache and confidence, even when bullets start to fly and enemy agents zero in to kill her. World War II attacks her when she hires Benjamin Wade to find some information on her brother missing in war-torn Europe. Soon afterwards, she gets a cryptic message from an old lover that will throw her directly into the path of the Nazi blitzkrieg.


While the three series can be read independently of each other, the following is the chronological order in which the stories take place.


“The Great Steamer Riot of 1936”

In an alternate 1930s, steam-powered robots (“Steamers”) live and work among the humans. They have learned to be invisible, but not everyone trusts them. Sometimes, things take a nasty turn.


Inspired by the sub-genre of pulp fiction from the late 1930s comes “Curse of the Monster Makers!”

Dexter Tremane, bank robber, has an easy means of escaping the police: meet his girlfriend near an old estate. But when he gets there, she’s gone. Kidnapped, if the grooves on the ground are any indication. Now, Dexter plunges into the forest to find his missing lady never expecting to find what he did.