Smoke shrouded streets, the glint of a gun barrel in the night, private eyes, police detectives, a dead body slumped on the floor, stolen treasures–no matter what you kind of mystery you prefer, chances are one of the thrillers here at Quadrant Fiction Studio will be the one book that will keep you up late at night.

The historical mysteries by Scott Dennis Parker take place in the years of World War II. Starting in Houston in May 1940, three people–Benjamin Wade, private investigator, Gordon Gardner, newspaper reporter, and Lillian Saxton, U.S. Army sergeant–become intertwined in the events of the war in far off Europe and back at the home front in Houston.


The rasp of leather holsters holding cold steel, gamblers with aces up their sleeves, men and women battling the harsh frontier, the sound of steam engines in the night, railroad detectives chasing fearsome bandits…

The Triple Action Westerns of Quadrant Fiction Studio, as written by S. D. Parker, draw their inspiration from classic TV shows like Maverick and The Wild Wild West and authors such as James Reasoner, Robert Randisi, and Louis L’amour.

The Casebook of Calvin Carter

In the Old West, there were rugged men who wore badges, ruthless outlaws who sought to plunder and loot, and honest men who just wanted to live simple lives in peace.

Calvin Carter was none of those.

A former actor who decided to become a railroad detective after tracking down his father’s killer, Calvin enjoys his exciting life, the mysteries that are assigned to him, and the beautiful women along the way. Together with his partner, Thomas Jackson, Detective Calvin Carter is out to make a name for himself in the annals of the Old West.

The Saga of Junction City

Junction City is a town out in West Texas. It’s like nearly every other town on the frontier of the late Nineteenth Century: It contains good men and women, criminals who kill without a second thought, and other criminals who use much less overt means to get what they want. The tales of Junction City tell the story of one town out on the fringes of the frontier and the attempts of its citizens to civilize the west.

Triple Action Westerns

These standalone stories run the gamut of western tales, from the celebrated crimes of Finnegan and McCall to the ruthlessness of an aggrieved husband.


“The Great Steamer Riot of 1936”

In an alternate 1930s, steam-powered robots (“Steamers”) live and work among the humans. They have learned to be invisible, but not everyone trusts them. Sometimes, things take a nasty turn.


Inspired by the sub-genre of pulp fiction from the late 1930s comes “Curse of the Monster Makers!”

Dexter Tremane, bank robber, has an easy means of escaping the police: meet his girlfriend near an old estate. But when he gets there, she’s gone. Kidnapped, if the grooves on the ground are any indication. Now, Dexter plunges into the forest to find his missing lady never expecting to find what he did.