Happy Writer’s New Year’s Day

1 May

Four years ago today, 1 May, I made the decision to start writing again. I had the germ of a story—a man wearing a fedora who was likely a private detective, knocking on a door and being answered by bullets. That idea became WADING INTO WAR: A BENJAMIN WADE MYSTERY, my first published novel.

Part of this idea was derived from a quote: A year from now, you will have wished you started today.

Every 1 May, I commemorate that first book and examine what I’ve done in the past year.

  • I earned my first nomination for “The Box Maker: A Triple Action Western.” That would be the 2016 Peacemaker Award for Short Fiction from the Western Fictioneers, a group of which I’m a founding member. I was thrilled and very much had the realization that it truly is an honor to be nominated.
  • I published ULTERIOR OBJECTIVES: A LILLIAN SAXTON THRILLER. I love all the books I’ve written but, to date, this is my favorite. Lillian is a kick-ass heroine and the story was so much fun to write.
  • I now show my novels at the Sugar Land Arts Center and Gallery and it’s a blast to see things I’ve written on display.
  • Recently, I made the decision to publish westerns under the “S. D. Parker” pen name. It’s not a secret by any stretch, but a way to differentiate my stories. Not coincidentally, I have republished all four western short stories today, complete with re-branded covers. I have also made the decision to put them in Kindle Unlimited, so if you want to read them, that’s where they are. And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, they are all free to read.


Looking ahead for this fifth year since I started writing, I’m only into my second year as a published author, but there are big things on the horizon. Let me give you a preview.

  • Two more Junction City Westerns are on the immediate horizon with publication dates between now and mid June.
  • Railroad Detective Calvin Carter will have his big debut with three short stories also in the next couple of months. Later on, his novel-length adventures will begin.
  • John Denton, the Rouge Gambler, will make his debut in ALWAYS BET ON RED this summer.
  • The third Benjamin Wade novel, tentatively titled THE MISSING WIFE, will be published this year.
  • The second Gordon Gardner novel will also be published this year.

And these are only the items I’ve completed. There will be many more coming your way.

Along with separating the author name, I’ve also separated the mailing lists. I now have one focusing on mysteries and a second, new one specifically focusing on westerns. Don’t worry: you can be on both, but I’ll also let everyone know what’s going on in the other mailing list. I also have two separate Facebook pages, one for mysteries, and a second for westerns.

The year 2017 should be an exciting one here at the offices of Quadrant Fiction Studio. I’d love to have y’all join in the fun.

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