Casting Superman

10 Jun

d11478655873a08fe37b19dd970affdaBy now, you’ve probably heard the news: Superman is going to be in at least two episodes of Season 2 of SUPERGIRL.

I think that’s great news. He was always in the wings, never seen, rarely heard. Clark would pop up in text messages and emails when he talked with Kara. Superman himself would always be seen with the sun behind him or a flowing cape or something just off screen. It was frustrating but understandable. Superman was in the movies. Supergirl was on TV.

Not anymore.

So now the big question is who is going to play Superman? It’s a pretty safe bet that Henry Cavill is out. He’s the non-smiling Man of Steel of the movies—and he’s “dead”. Besides, I’d want the sunny Superman to match the sunny Supergirl and Flash.

The Greg Berlanti-verse has a thing for stunt casting. Most folks immediately jumped to Tom Welling. For ten years, Welling played Clark Kent on SMALLVILLE but never donned the outfit. It would be pretty nifty to see him get those blue tights on. Oh, and before we go further, I’m holding out hope for the red trunks. Sure, it probably won’t fly, but it’d be cool to see it.

If they don’t go stunt casting, I’d be inclined to see an unknown get the role. Whoever gets the nod, I hope he has enough lease to actually do something with the role. Make a clear distinction from the movies. You don’t have to go all Christopher Reeves and mimic. Give a new take, but still make it traditional.

Anyway, I’m excited. The CW only needs to get a Friday DC superhero show and they’ll have each day of the week sewed up.

Who do y’all think should play Superman?

BTW, that’s Curt Swan’s art up there. He was THE Superman artist for the longest time and the Superman I knew when I discovered him back in the day.

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